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Dear GsL-/GfL-Student!

Do you think you’ ve got many banana problems concerning writing in your second language?

You avoid writing in the German language and often you cannot produce a text just in time?

Your German writing is a never ending story?

You are always searching for the right words?

You have got problems discovering good ways of wording applications?

You don’t know the text standards of your home country are different to those in Germany.

Don’t worry– there are many people who do not know about your problems, maybe not even your teacher. It can be really frustrating! As a result, you get bad grades or you are not able to write text anymore.

What would you do if there was a way to get these skills?

Learning to express yourself better in German;

learning the standards which are requested for your writing exercise;

learning to produce a good text, that shows your profound knowledge.

Minimalist tutoring is a way of working that leads to the results hoped for which implies a good text. The aim of this kind of tutoring is learning.

Seems like the same aims your teacher has? So, what is the difference between him and a writing tutor?

In writing tutoring sessions there is time– time to talk about you and different topics concerning your daily life.

Writing tutors want to help the students and brief them to help themselves.

Your tutor really is interested in you. You will be asked many things like: Where are you from? For how long have you been learning German? Are you lonely or are there family members and friends making you feel good in Germany?

The tutor focusses on you as a person, a person who supplied a lot, is brave and not simply the sum of orthographic issues found in text. Also, your tutor wants to know about your practical experience in writing in your mother tongue.

Based on your text in the tutoring session you and your tutor are able to identify essential problems. Helpful methods will be explained improving your text production, making it easier and more effective.

Whether you are writing a dissertation or theme-paper tutoring is universal for every text production, especially for your work approach.

There is just one thing your tutor will never do: Fix your paper!This is your job, since it is your text and it speaks with your voice. Also, it includes your personality, your knowledge – no person other than yourself has the ability to fix it.

It is a matter of principles – the principles of non directive writing tutoring and the fundamental idea of writing to learn.

Finally, you will get  not a perfect text but the skills to express yourself in German, maybe in a simple language, but matching the expectations.

All I can say is, it works! My English writing skills were pathetic.

I met a writing tutor and asked him for help. He advised me on a method named freewriting and I did not exercise it before. He told me to write using words I remembered. Furthermore I was allowed to write native and second language. I thought it would be very strange. However, I overcame my perfectionism and wrote. I Produced a very simple text full of mistakes and a mix of sentences in two languages. It was the beginning of a new learning. This tutor showed me how to focus on higher concerned instructions first which is the base of every text production. So, step by step I got the ability to produce better text in English language.

Because of my experience and competence as a writing tutor, I want to invite you:

Come in and try it.

For more Information, please contact me: BeraTina@email.de


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